Saturday, April 19, 2008

Is gossip the new way to market music?

So a lot of the stuff we read in the tabloids is crap, complete crap. It's all fabricated and innacurate and we can't take any tabloids seriously. But we look at them. We can't help it; we glaze at them in the magazine aisle and when we are checking out at Wegmans. So its an obvious move for the tabloids teaming up with musicians to promote their music, because gossip is what interest people most. So does anyone think its a coincidence that Ashlee Simpson got engaged AND supposedly pregnant right before her 3rd album is about to be released? released?,1,6148267.photogallery

UMM...actually I can't decide. The force of the tabloids is so strong it can make you thing anything. Then AGAIN......celebrities aren't stupid.,1,6148267.photogallery Ashlee Simpson hasn't been doing much in the past couple years; she NEEDED some publicity. Also she is releasing her album between Madonna and Mariah Carey, two heavy hitters. Did Ashlee come out with this info "coincidentally" at the same time her album comes out? PUH-LEASE. she hasn't been doing anything lately other than posing with her boyfriend/fiance/whatever Pete Wentz. Put it has people talking about her, and could encourage sales of her album. I know its getting vicious out there, but really? You're going to whore yourself out to US Weekly just to the that "edge" for records sales.

Honestly I love music, I really do, even the over-prosessed stuff like Fall Out Boy, but..resorting to tabloids to gain attention for you album, well clearly you're album can't speak for itself (COUGH ashlee simpson!)


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