Saturday, February 23, 2008

The comeback of radio?

Radio hasn't been popular since basically the 1950s when Americans stopped listening to the radio and watching television. Today, radio is virtually extinct. We get our news from the internet and television, as well as our entertainment. According to this article the president of the Radio Advertising Bureau teamed up with Katz and Interep. Its purpose is to centralize their clients and have a centralized point of view for their, along with following a more behavioral based approach to reaching consumers. They also want all mobile devices to access radio. Imagine listening to your favorite artists, then switching over to hear the top 10 songs on the charts, and then get the traffic reports! Sweeeet. I would love to have the radio on my ipod. I mean, right now I don't listen to the radio because I don't have a car at school, and well, who has a radio in their room anymore? But I think its a great idea nonetheless. I would listen to the radio more, I think, if i had it on my ipod.

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