Thursday, February 7, 2008

So I don't want to seem repetitive but I don't want each blog entry to be random, I want them all to relate to each other. Last entry I talked about how there's no need for CDs anymore since the digital revolution, if you'd like to call it that. People don't have to buy a CD to get a taste of the music on it. We want it cheap and we want it fast. We also want more of a connection with our artists. Thats what this interview with Eric Herbert of Evolver Media. I agree with him on the point that the reason websites like Myspace are so popular is because music listeners can feel a direct connection with the artists and almost like they have a personal relationship with them rather than just seeing them in Rolling Stone or performing on Saturday Night Live.

Long gone are the days where record labels can put a group of people together and throw on matching outfits and have success (read: Spice Girls, Destiny's Child, Backstreet Boys) Consumers want to feel a real connection with musicians and like Eric Herbert says, the record labels certainly aren't the ones doing that, its the musicians themselves. For years the closest you would get to talking to your favorite musician would be to wait for hours by their tour bus or if your dad had a connection of some sort. Now, I see countless bands posting on their websites about hosting a chat with their fans, who can directly Instant Message them and ask questions or just profess their undying love. Herbert says this creates a stronger bond between musician and fan, therefore more success for the musican. I'm totally in agreement; while I love my big names like Aerosmith, Steve Miller Band, the Beatles (ignore that half of them are deceased) I am much bigger fans, and supporters of smaller bands/musicians whom I've met myself and aren't as successful. I met a great band while I was in LA last semester called Forever the Sickest Kids (totally emo name but great music I met them in my apartment building and we hung out, it wasn't until later that I got into their music, but I feel a stronger connection with them because I know them, hence I immediately went out and bought one of their tshirts :) Even bigger names that you would suspect are reaching out to their fans, John Mayer just sponsored a cruise called The Mayercraft and he himself spent 4 days on a cruise ship performing and talking with fans could meet. Im surprised to riots broke out considering the large amount of middle aged housewives hmm.

Final Thought: Support more local music! Or at least music that you feel closer to. With record labels losing more influence, its the musicians who are taking it into their own hands.

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