Friday, April 4, 2008

Live Nation

I've been hearing a lot about Live Nation but not really sure what they actually were. I was curious to find out more about them. I knew Madonna just signed with them, U2 got a lot of buzz for signing with them too. Jay-Z is the newest artist to sign with them. But I had never visited their website for any concert tickets I had to buy or anything like that, I just read about them in the news, apparently not done often enough). They're a concert promoter, they cut deals with artists that pool tours, merch, record sales, and everything in between. A sweet deal for the artists because they're making money where they're losing money in record sales. U2 and Madonna are signing close to hundred million dollar deals. But what about us? the consumer? I mean they may be helping out musicians, but I have not seen the fruits of their labor. They don't offer any cheaper deals to concerts. The artists they have singed seem to be explusive of big names like Rolling Stones, so their tickets still go for a beautiful $200. I don't see any $20 concert tickets for indie bands. What gives?? If Live Nation is supposed to be this ground breaking business why is it not even affecting the most important component: US?

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Kim Gregson said...

1 good post - i don't really understand why companies sign wth them - maybe they do the marketing or contracts with the venues.

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